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This site is dedicated to freedom and constitutional values. I believe people have the right to do what ever they want to do, as far as they do not infringe on the rights of others. The Constitution was designed for an honest and moral people. We have come a long way since the Constitution was written, mostly in the wrong direction. We should be working hard, every day, to get back to those moral values that made our country great. These pictures of Marilyn might offend you or it might make your day. Either way, nobody could judge how moral or honest you are. If you are offended by it, don't get mad, Sign My Guest Book , then buy a T-shirt.

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What ever blows your skirt up.


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The subjects covered on this site are of interest to me and my family, I hope you find them interesting too.
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"Index of Pages on this Site"

Lili's Page..........This page has a few pics of my new grand daughter.  I'm not proud or nuttin.

Jeffrey Dale Surfboards....... online surf shop.  This is under construction and will be for a while.  There is still a lot of good stuff on this site.

Jeffrey Dale Competition Team....
1960's surf team.  Reunion Pages, Photo Albums,
                                                                        Lots of stuff .

Old Surfers Home Page..............An old surfers home page.

Sawtooth...............Wagons, Sheep Camps, Horses and Asses.7i

Trophy T-shirts and hats.....Put a picture of your bass on a T-Shirt.

The Hunting Page...Hunting, fishing, camping,  campfire tales, etc.

Militia....Comments on Constitution, Militia and the price of freedom.  

UFO's.............Are we alone?? I don't think so.

Earthquake....Up to date Earthquake information.

CHP Observatory..........Claude H. Pomeroy Observatory in Beaver Utah.  
A small observatory in Beaver Utah aimed at our kids.
Large Binocular Observatory   Click the image for a look into the future. 

James Clerk Maxwell Telescope  ..... Home Page for the telescope.

Weather ...... Satellite weather maps of the western hemisphere etc..



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* 100 proof horse crap is half Bullshit.  Some of it could be 200 proof.

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